The first thing that comes to mind is the decoration of the stage with balloons. Inflate as many balls as possible, using a special pump. Balls firmly fasten behind the scenes. Balloons can make the whole shape. Use balls of different shapes and colors to enhance the festive mood. The front of the stage, mount the arch of balloons. For this purpose you can use helium balloons. Helium is lighter than air, so the ball goes up.
Traditional decoration of the stage – drape fabrics. Perhaps every adult remembers the school scene with a heavy curtain. This way of decoration can hide the defects of the scene itself, for example, the old stage. Drapery fabric is convenient because on top of the cloth to create various themed decorations. For example, if the scene is a festival dedicated to autumn, the fabric drape you can attach sheets of bright paper or even real leaves are yellow.
Another way of decorating these decorations. For example, stage decorations represent figures or landscapes, done on canvas with oil paints. Draw themed decorations on the cardboard or plywood and secure them behind the scenes is one way to create a festive mood in the hall. Most often to decorate the scene using all the ways and balls, and drape, and decorations. Balls you can put words, pictures and figures. The fabric is nice drape the shortcomings of the stage and scenery is beneficial to enrich the plot view. The key to success is imagination and resourcefulness. They will help decorate the stage literally improvised materials.