Advice 1: How to decorate the stage

To increase the feeling of the festival, which will take place in any theatre, the stage will certainly need not only to furnish the decorations, but to decorate. So spectators coming to such a place, will they enter the hall to set yourself up for the festive mood.
How to decorate the stage
The first thing that comes to mind is the decoration of the stage with balloons. Inflate as many balls as possible, using a special pump. Balls firmly fasten behind the scenes. Balloons can make the whole shape. Use balls of different shapes and colors to enhance the festive mood. The front of the stage, mount the arch of balloons. For this purpose you can use helium balloons. Helium is lighter than air, so the ball goes up.
Traditional decoration of the stage – drape fabrics. Perhaps every adult remembers the school scene with a heavy curtain. This way of decoration can hide the defects of the scene itself, for example, the old stage. Drapery fabric is convenient because on top of the cloth to create various themed decorations. For example, if the scene is a festival dedicated to autumn, the fabric drape you can attach sheets of bright paper or even real leaves are yellow.
Another way of decorating these decorations. For example, stage decorations represent figures or landscapes, done on canvas with oil paints. Draw themed decorations on the cardboard or plywood and secure them behind the scenes is one way to create a festive mood in the hall. Most often to decorate the scene using all the ways and balls, and drape, and decorations. Balls you can put words, pictures and figures. The fabric is nice drape the shortcomings of the stage and scenery is beneficial to enrich the plot view. The key to success is imagination and resourcefulness. They will help decorate the stage literally improvised materials.

Advice 2 : How to decorate a room for holiday

Room decoration for holiday, you can outsource to the professionals, but it is costly. To save money, which will be useful for other needs, decorate the room yourself. Please be ready with pictures of festive interiors and ample materials. You will definitely need the help because the work will be time-consuming and associated with a certain risk - decoration at the top of the walls or the ceiling will have to post using ladders or stools.
How to decorate a room for holiday
You will need
  • balloons;
  • - colored ribbon;
  • - tablecloths and napkins;
  • - chair covers;
  • - flowers.
Buy balloons the same size and shape, two or three colors. Assume that some number of them may break, so take in two times more than required. Hire a special equipment for filling balloons with helium. Prepare shiny ribbons to tie them to the tails of the balls.
Of the balls make a simple topical composition suitable to the theme of the holiday. For example, red hearts for wedding and Valentine's day, white snowmen and green Christmas trees will decorate the hall for the New year. Form to shapes made of thick wire and inflated balloons already tied to it.
Helium-filled balloons, you can just leave the fly on the ceiling. Bouquets of them put on the tables and tie the backs of chairs.
Wall decorate colorful posters or drawings. Electric lights can be used not only for the New year – they are beautiful and in any other holiday! Put them in the middle of the table or hang on the wall.
Flowers always decorate the room, they have a special tenderness and poignancy. Nothing compares with flowers in decoration. On the table place a low composition, so they do not interfere with guests to see each other.
Pick elegant tablecloths for the tables and beautiful napkins to them in tone. If you have the opportunity to sew chair covers, the room will look very stylish. Tie them with bright ribbons of the same color, and all the other decorations.
Freshen up the curtains and thoroughly clean the room – cleanliness is also very well decorated! To the painted walls of the halland looked more elegant and cozy, elegant drape them with fabric and ribbons. From colored paper cut out flowers, butterflies and other decorative elements. They also possible to decorate walls or Windows.
A festive meal in the stylish dishes perfectly decorates the table. And funny people in good mood will decorate any holiday.
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