You will need
  • Balloons
  • Colored paper
  • Beads
  • Hand-made items
Traditional ways of decorating birthday is the decoration with balloons. Balloons can decorate the room in the corners, along the walls, to form balls of flowers, garlands or symbolic of the heart. Due to lack of time the design of the birthday party can be trusted to specialized organizations, which are literally an hour or two turn a standard room in the festively decorated hall.
The classic way to make the birthday girl or women irrespective of age decorate the surrounding space with flowers. Moreover, the flowers have to be alive. They can stand pots, vases and bowls on the window sills and supports, in the form of garlands to decorate the walls and ceiling, like the bouquets to emphasize the beautifully decorated table. When making birthday with fresh flowers you should pay attention to the flowers themselves – it is not recommended to use lilies and other flowers with a strong fragrance.
To make a child's birthday, young girls, men or women in creative style will help hand-made. Hand-made figures of angels or dwarves, satirical cartoons on the walls, handmade candles, beaded garlands of stars, or even made of carved colored paper flowers will be an original decoration for creative holiday.
Birthday in retro style for older ladies or respectable men can be very budget and beautifully decorate with flea market. Vinyl records with photos of pop stars 30-40 years, posters from past years, newspaper clippings and artistic disarray or hanging hats vintage styles give a unique flavor to the holiday.