Decorative table decoration

Think about what the most like him. This will help you choose the right idea for a table decoration. For example, if he is an avid fisherman, you can lay a tablecloth with a "sea" pattern, and in the center of the table to place decorative fish model or rods. Above the table you can hang pictures of the fisherman with his catch in a nice frame.

Talk to close relatives and friends of the celebrant. They may reveal what is unknown to you, and will give a worthwhile idea for the decoration of the celebration. Ask them to share memorable photos, Souvenirs and other items that connect them with that person. All of this can be placed on the Desk or in the room, which will host the feast.

Gain a large and beautiful bouquet of flowers and put it in a conspicuous place in the room. It is better to place the bouquet in a tall vase and set it on the bedside table or a shelf close to the holiday table. Around the vase can be folded gifts prepared for jubilee and holiday cards.

Remember that the anniversary should be a fun holiday, despite the fact that the person is already in old age. I think he will be to the liking candles and drawn the curtains, creating a sad atmosphere. Will be quite appropriate balloons filled with helium that can be bound to the legs of chairs or even put on the table, tied to a small weight to the subject. You can also bring a tape recorder and include the favorite songs of him, perhaps from his youth.

Consider how you will accommodate guests at the table. Be sure to prepare for jubilee place at the head table. Next to him you can put the chair to the couple, and on the left and right side of the birthday boy can sit his children or beloved grandchildren. Remember that an elderly person is important to feel attention and love to their closest people, and he will be very pleased to be in their environment.

The preparation of the festive menu

Prepare the menu for the feast. Please note that some meals may not be suitable to the celebrant's health, and should be discussed with his next of kin. It would be appropriate healthy food: salad greens and fresh vegetables, lean meat or chicken, vegetable stew, etc. of Course, it is also to prepare favorite dishes of the celebrant. To decorate the table will help you slim vase filled with fruit. For dessert gave the traitor a beautiful cake with a congratulatory inscription and candles he can blow out.