So, where do you start? According to tradition, start with the traditional balloons. Nothing today, not able to create such a festive atmosphere as they are. For a more spectacular effect, it is advised to use helium balloons. You can contact special services or to purchase the balls themselves, and your interior will Shine with colored lights, hovering in the air.
On the walls or at the entrance to the hall can use this technique as a "ball clusters". For this decoration must be purchased in advance of the balls.
Connect the balls for 3-5 pieces together.
After use, such as for example:
- Tie balloons to the chair backs. Pretty simple and frequently used method.
The balloons, floating just above the floor. For this decoration you will need balloons filled with gel. To do this, do not forget to prepare the so-called weights, of ordinary stones, wrapped in coloured foil top. Several such air grapes will certainly create incredible atmosphere in our room.
- Can scatter balls around the perimeter of the room, which also looks quite colorful, beautiful.
For decoration of the celebration hall may also be useful for garlands. They look good on the walls, over Windows, doors, around their perimeter. Flashing lights different bulbs create a festive atmosphere at any celebration, even at a birthday party.
And now on billboards. What is it? It's all kinds of flyers or wall posters. In this case, it is very important "don't repaint". If you want to use this method – use! But don't get carried away, use no more than 1-2 pieces. Also, do not create long texts. Suit of this kind: "happy birthday, Olga!".
In addition to posters you can use and wall newspaper, "text garland, but here, as well as with posters - "we shouldn't get lost!".
Perhaps, that's all. As you can see, holiday decoration of the hall depends entirely on your own imagination. Be creative, you will succeed!