Spread on a floor or table quilt, cover it with a towel and put on top of the jacket. Dilute the cleaning solution.
Dissolve two tablespoons of ammonia in one liter of water. Take a brush for clothes and soak it in the solution.
Drive a brush on the jacket in the direction of the pile, until it becomes wet. Then iron jacket iron through gauze. Then hang the jacket on a hanger and already dry brush swipe in the direction against the NAP.
Daily brush your suit with a dry brush.
Each week wet cleaning of the jacket.
The dirt on the inside of the collar to remove by rubbing a cut raw potato. Then wipe it with a damp cloth, then dry.
The suit quickly begins to Shine on the cuffs and elbows. Wipe the shiny space jacket with a cloth soaked in clean gasoline and then brush with a solution of ammonia. After that, smooth the treated area iron through gauze. Hang the suit on a hanger to air out.
To purge jacket also you can use vinegar solution of three parts and one part water. Wipe his soiled jacket. If the gloss is not too noticeable, amperite it with a hot iron through a damp cotton cloth.
Seleznevskaya cuffs and collar on the jacket clean with a cotton swab dipped in a solution of salt and ammonia.
Proportions for mortar: half a teaspoon of salt three tablespoons of alcohol. Allow to dry suit air to remove the smell of alcohol or vinegar.