Use the main service operator to determine the location of the subscriber of MTS. It's called "Locator" and allows you to see your family and friends who are also subscribers of MTS or the Megaphone. To connect to the service Locator should be sent to the short number the message 6677 (if you are in the home area, messages sent to the number 6677, will be free) that will contain the name and number of the person you want (for example, Ira 89171236547). After that, your friend will receive a message asking for the location of the subscriber and offer him to confirm. If he gives his consent, you will receive a message that will contain the coordinates or the address indicative of the location of the subscriber. To disable the service "Locator", send off to the short number 6677. This will remove the friends list available to determine location. The monthly service will cost you 100 rubles.
This service not only solves the problem of how to determine the location of the MTS, but also helps to know where your children are. It is called "the Child under supervision". First you need to register one parent, for example, sending a message of MAMA LENA to the number 7788. In return you will receive a code that blows assigned to Your family. With the help of it, register other family members.
Proceed for registration of the child, sending a CHILD to the number 7788. Thus, you will need to enter the child's name and code assigned to your family. To determine your child's location registered in the service, send a message, WHERE to the number 7788. You will receive a message indicating the location of each child. Know the location number of all children by making a request on the CHILDREN.
Within the service "Child care", MTS introduced a new feature "notification of displacement", through which you can not only determine the location of the subscriber, but also to learn about the movements of your child. To re-enable it login to your personal account on the operator's website and click on "geo-zones". You can create suitable geographic areas, for example, "school", "house", "grandma", and
to establish an appropriate monitoring regime (for example, from 8 to 15 hours on weekdays).
So you will be able to automatically detect the location and movement of the child in accordance with the selected parameters.
So how to determine the location of the subscriber of MTS requires not only ordinary citizens, but also the various organizations, it is possible to connect service "Mobile employees". To do this, send the Manager MTS a list of names of employees and phone numbers to connect to a single system. So you will be able to track on a cell phone the movement of employees.
To determine the location of not only MTS, but also the whole company will help you service of "MTS". Send a message with the text WHERE the short number 6677 and enter your address. So you can easily find nearby cinemas, ATMs and restaurants.