Most often the ability to witchcraft and clairvoyance passed down from generation to generation. Even considered that before, all people had the ability to foresee the future, and, perhaps, exceptional intuition. But now, in times of technical progress, when each busy with his business, and every minute of danger to life no, this knowledge just disappeared as unnecessary. And only in those families which have long been cherished that gift, strongly develop and expand its capabilities.
How to open a gift <b>clairvoyant</b>
How to understand whether the gift of clairvoyance do you have? Rummage in the family archives. Perhaps your grandmother or great-grandmother, grandfather or great-grandfather was considered a witch. Then, perhaps, endowed with psychic abilities and you.
How to open a gift <b>clairvoyant</b>
Analyze their past. Have you ever had something you dreamed of events that happened to you or your loved ones? If it happened more than once or twice, you can talk about the gift of clairvoyance.
Can you determine at a glance where people work, does he have family, what he likes? For these sorcerers is not working.
Very often magical ability to open up after a severe life shocks - clinical death, the lightning strike, car accident. Some people in these cases, suddenly included the reserve areas of the brain, long forgotten. They are responsible for intuition bordering on clairvoyance.
How to open a gift <b>clairvoyant</b>
If you want to open the gift of clairvoyance to imagine, think, and if you need it. After all, a clear knowledge of upcoming events is a very heavy cross. Do you foresee illness and death of loved ones, devastating natural phenomena - hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, wars and epidemics. But the nice features is to guess the number of lucky lottery ticket to win a trip to an exotic country, get a promotion - these abilities do not provide. Think, will you be able to bear the whole burden upon you? If Yes, then most likely, the ability of clairvoyance you have. And this gift very soon you will open.
How to open a gift <b>clairvoyant</b>