For a start, tune in for a daily workout. Select to practice a certain place and time. Make sure that during training you no one interfered.
Remember all last day. Gather information that could greatly help you, if you knew it yesterday. A very simple example - if yesterday you knew about the rain that started unexpectedly, you'd better take an umbrella and not get wet.
Now imagine yourself in yesterday and send all collected useful information from myself today to myself yesterday in the region of the heart. Please note that the information should be in the form of images, sensations, smells and taste, and not in the form of words.
Feel like "yesterday" and remember that feeling of receiving information from the future. A few days practice to send and receive information from today to yesterday until you have a clear sense of receiving channel information.
When you will be good to feel a connection with this channel, begin to take unknown information from "tomorrow" to "today." Carefully observe how your feelings change, then to remember what you felt when receiving useful information, and what is happening with your body when you took false data. Do not be discouraged if, at first, to see the future will be difficult – at this stage is stabilization of the channel.
Learning well enough to see the future, try to predict the results of sporting events or games in which you want to guess the result. It does not focus on the possibilities of improving the financial well-being, otherwise the focus is likely not going to work. Better focus on the improvement of new skills.