You will need
  • - training
  • - perseverance
  • - perseverance
To learn to see with closed eyes, first you need to prepare yourself for the opening of the third eye. For this you need to learn to relax, getting rid of all the negative emotions, fears, experiences – they all block your spiritual power.
Try to focus on your chakras, the energy centers, the six rotating circles so that they form an energy field of your body. When you feel them and learn to clear the mind from negativity, it will be easier to work on opening the third eye.Devote a lot of time meditating. Meditation helps to relax and cleanse the mind.
Start to practice to learn to see with closed eyes. Each set of exercises start with relaxation breathing. Inhale slowly through the nose and exhale the air through your mouth until then, until the air in the lungs is not over. Repeat the breath again and again.
Close your eyes. Using your index finger, touch the middle of the forehead. This place is your third eye. Gently apply pressure on this point, as if trying to open your eyes.
Start learning to distinguish colors with closed eyes. Focus on any subject through ever try to see its color. Once you succeed, take a break.
Practice to distinguish the form of objects, looking at them with closed eyes. As soon as you start to distinguish color, you will come to the ability to see the shape of surrounding objects.
After you comprehend the ability to distinguish the shape of objects with closed eyes, train yourself mentally to approach them and to examine them in detail. Keep a track record of your exercises on paper and compare them with what you will see, opening her eyes.
As soon as you will improve your ability to see objects at a close distance with closed eyes, you can try to use your third eye and remote observations. To do this, try to close your eyes, slow the breathing and allow your mind to go long distances, perhaps on other continents or even in space.