You will need
  • a wide scarf or shawl
Method # 1.
Cover your head with a scarf so that the ends hung down both sides. Cross the ends of the scarf at the nape, forehead tie them node. Now, from one end of the scarf, make a loop and pull this loop through the knot. The other end of the scarf pull through a loop, both ends firmly to tighten. Hide the ends under the folds of the fabric to be seen.
Method # 2.
Cover your head with a scarf (can also use a piece of cloth) so that hanging from both sides of the ends are the same length. The ends of the scarf crossed at the back, then cross them on the forehead, tighten. Hide the ends under the folds of the fabric to be seen.
Method # 3
Cover the head with scarf and fasten it with a safety pin at the back. Now each end of the scarf twist to make two cushion similar to cornrows. These cushions wrap around the head. Firmly tuck the ends of the rollers under the fabric, that they were not visible and that they are not broken.
Method # 4
Cover your head with a scarf or piece of cloth, as in previous versions. Take the ends back and crossed them at the nape. Next, get forward and cross on his forehead. From one end make a loop, pull it through the other end and make a second loop. Now firmly tighten the loop. Hide the ends in the folds of the fabric.

You can also try to tie a turban with the help of rings, which will play the role of the buckle.
Method # 5.
Hang a handkerchief on the neck so that both ends hung down from his shoulders and was the same length. Pull both ends of scarf or shawl in a ring-buckle closure. Gently lift the scarf on the head. Tighten the ends. Tie the ends of the handkerchief under the hair, flatten the folds.