You will need
  • -access to the Internet;
  • check on the website Vkontakte;
  • -the presence group that you want to delete.
Go to the site "Vkontakte" on your personal page. To the left of your photo (avatar) is a list of options. Select "my groups" and click on it with the left mouse button once. Opens a list of groups to which you belong.
Scrolling with the mouse wheel the list, locate the group you created. Go to it. To do this click once with the left mouse button on the name or avatar of the group. In order to delete a group, you need to remove them from all participants (preferably), as well as themselves from the list of participants.
Optionally, you can delete all the photos and videos of your group. Go to list of photo albums (located on the right side under the list of participants and reference group) in their list next to each then click "delete". Then go to the video (located) above the videos list click "edit" and sequentially remove each video. Back at the main group page. If no such desire, go to next item for instructions.
Under the avatar of the group, find the "control group" and go there by clicking on it with the left mouse button once. Opened the group options, among them select "participants". Then open the right side the option "managers" and each avatar of the people present there (except if you have more heads) click "demoted to the head."
Clicking "all members", systematically remove each participant by clicking in the list under each avatar "remove from group". Don't forget to remove yourself.
Then go to option "link" and remove all the groups associated with your links. Now your group will be automatically deleted by the system and can no longer be restored, if only to re-create.