You will need
  • - computer,
  • - Internet connection
  • page Vkontakte,
  • - unwanted friends.
Unfortunately, developers of Vkontakte did not provide the option to delete all friends at once. In order to remove someone from your friends list, click on the photo, go to its page, scroll down to the bottom, click "Remove from friends". The procedure is finished. If you want to remove all friends list, will have to suffer. As this is the only legitimate method.
Under the sequential deletion it may happen that people removed from the friends list, will move automatically to the list of "My followers". If this happens, open the subscriber list, hover your mouse over the photo remote other. You will see a small cross, click on it. Also you can add this person in the "Black list" and it will automatically removed from the subscribers.
From all the friends you need to uninstall your own Facebook page, initiating communication with a clean slate, i.e. create a new page. To delete your account in the left menu go to "My settings". In the General tab, scroll down the page. And click on "You can delete your page". The process is completed, you can now register again.
To quickly remove all friends list, you can use this method. Go to "My friends". Go to "How to clean a wall/friends Vkontakte". Further, copying step, paste it into the address bar of your browser, press Enter on the keyboard. The entire friends list deleted. Using this removal method, be extremely careful. Ensure you have started squeaking in the right tab. Otherwise, you can remove either wrong or all the information.