You will need
  • - computer/laptop/smartphone;
  • - access to the Internet.
The first thing you can do to search for friends "Vkontakte"is to enter all known names of the friends (relatives, colleagues, and so on) in the "Search" field at the top of the page. Then look at who is friends with those you have added who they are writing on the wall – perhaps among them there are your General acquaintances. The service, which allows you to divide the total mass of friends into groups of "high school", "school", "Colleagues", "Relatives", "Best friends", you can find on other pages of his, depending on where you first met. But this is possible only if the person shared to their friends in the above group.
If you in sufficient detail, filled out a profile, then click on any of your interest, a favorite place, year, or group, institution, favorite movie, and so on – and you will immediately receive a list of people who indicated in his profile the same. So not only will you be able to find classmates or classmates, but also colleagues, and interesting personalities.
You can also just click on the tab located in the menu called "People". Here opens the field for entering words, titles and names to search, on the right you can filter by region, school, University, age, sex, marital status, favorite places and the place of work, position in life, military service and so on. By entering, for example, in the search box at the top of the word Music, you can get a list of all people who reported that word anywhere in the interests or fields about yourself. By setting the filter on any or all values at once, it is possible to accurately find a man with matched characteristics.
Find friends "Vkontakte", try using the search for interesting communities, which consist of thousands of people. This can be a community of various companies, institutions, manufacturers, shops, popular magazines and portals. To do this, select the menu on top tab "Community" and scroll through everything to find what you need, or type the words in the search box for easy finding in the community or use a similar filter on the right in the region's communities and their type. In every community you can find the list of participants, where you can search for the right people.
View wall friends and communities – there leave your messages of different people with their own points of view and interests, and perhaps there you will meet someone you know or just a very interesting person to talk to.