To remove a friend request on a social network "My world" go to your personal page. Click on the tab "friend request". Select "Reject" and click on it. Thanks to this simple procedure to you on a page does not add unfamiliar people.
To refuse the offer to be "Friends" in the social. network "Vkontakte", which was sent to you a completely unknown person or spammer, look for the tab "My friends". This tab contains three lines: "Friends online", "All friends" and "Application friends". Choose latest link and open it. You will be asked to reject or accept the offer of friendship. Click reject. If you sent a friend request to the user, but for some reason change your mind, click on "Outgoing requests to friends" and select "Unsubscribe or cancel the request".
For rejected offers of friendship in a social network "Facebook" at the top of the page locate the icon depicting a little man. It represents a request for friendship. Click on it and select "Not now". By this action the application will be rejected.
In SOC. the network "Schoolmates" to reject such an application is possible by clicking on the tab "Notifications". Select "Ignore" if you have no desire to communicate with the user. This application of "Friendship" will not be accepted.
Never add your personal page complete strangers. Most of such individuals is by hackers, spammers or robots. You will be bored with the numerous invitations to various meetings in the unknown group, to offer to purchase any of the goods that you are required. If you have any desire to add a user to friends, ask him any question. If the answer to your question and suggestions and invitations to be friends comes every day, without hesitation remove such applications. This may indicate that the user is a robot.