To recover your login and Classmates, go to the main page of the site and near the form of entering a username and password click on the line "Forgot login or password".
Try typing in the username field the valid mobile phone number in ten-digit format, please fill in the captcha box (the letters and numbers to prevent unauthorized use of the form of access recovery robotic systems) and click on the "Continue"button.
If this cell was linked to your profile, it will be sent a special confirmation code to access the network. Later you can also log into the system using this number.
If your account the phone was not attached, or you do not have to this number, therefore, to recover the username and password and Classmates will fail.
Try to enter a valid email address. If you have registered an account on it, you will be prompted to send a verification code to your mobile (if it is tied to your account) or send it to your Inbox.
When you receive the confirmation code, enter it in the special window that appears on the site. If you do this right, then top row on the website will be able to see your username. Be sure to remember or save it, further you will be able to go with him to Classmates even POI change e-mail address and phone number.
If you cannot remember the username, email or phone, write a letter in support. As the purpose of the appeal, select "Access" in the subject field put "failed to restore".
Fill in the form with your name and surname and a valid email address, describe your problem as detailed as possible.
If possible, throw off the link on your page at Classmates or other profile data.
Support will respond to your request within 48 hours. Likely, access will be restored if you can prove that the account belongs to you. You may need to send a scan of the first page of the passport. There is nothing to worry, as the administration Classmates such files do not circulate or store in the system. Also you can before sending the scan to paint in any graphic editor (e.g. Paint) a series and passport number, and any other information.
When you manage to recover your username and Classmates, enter it and your password in the login form on the home page. If you are hoping on your memory, do not exit the system (of course, if you use the site on your computer). You can also save login and password upon request at the entrance. If this pair is preserved, to log in you will only need to press Ctrl and Enter on the computer.