About 10 years ago, simple domestic equipment was considered parallel bars and horizontal bars, which he loved to swing both adults and teenagers. Today, the range of outdoor fitness equipment much more, and it includes a units, similar to those that are in the modern fitness clubs. So, walking in a normal yard, you can easily adjust the shape, gain strength and health, etc.

The difference with the original machines on the street that instead of scales they have used special blocks-the weights. Therefore, this fact must be considered in order not to overstrain trying to lift too much weight.

Twister, bench for abdominal, "skier", bicycles and many others - all simulators, which can be seen in the ordinary courts. Each person can choose the one he likes: someone requires strength training, some aerobic.

Their main advantage is that all devices made in the same style and would blend well with any yard and landscape. Parents who let their children on the yard of fitness, you should remember that all designs are made of metal. This means that children need to undertake the necessary training on security or need to be near them to control their classes.

Set in the courtyards outdoor fitness equipment can as residents and representatives of the city parks or councils. However, to rely on the state to widespread installation is not necessary, because the cost of a simulator starts from 15 000 rubles A sports complex cost the city authorities is very expensive. So long as exercise areas where little can be seen. However, the manufacturers offer the tenants to buy their products. Can these units to buy for house or private courtyard. Sometimes the inhabitants of small houses together and decide similar sports centers at home and for yourself.