The benefits of outdoor activities are unquestionable, you will be able to combine aerobic and weight training is the most effective type of workouts to quickly lose weight and maintain shape. Outdoor fitness equipment will help you to boost immunity and body resistance to various diseases, to develop resistance to stress and relieve depression. After each class you will receive a charge of cheerfulness and positive mood that will last for another 2-3 days until the next workout.

The outdoor fitness equipment you can do without a coach, although in some of these Metropolitan complexes are specialists who receive a salary from the municipality. You can train anyone, regardless of age and gender, you need to choose the machine that will provide you the required load to the desired muscle group. Using the simulator you can pump up the muscles of the arms and back, hips and buttocks, abs and etc.

Despite its slightly flippant view – outdoor fitness equipment painted in bright colors, they help to load muscles as well as the equipment installed in the gymnasiums. You will achieve maximum effect if will do on the street regularly and properly.

The simulators are adapted to independent work, since in their design, body weight training is used as the main load. This ensures the safety and effectiveness of the training. The base of the equipment encased in concrete, and permissible loads for a minimum of 150 kg.

In a standard set of outdoor fitness equipment includes some of the most popular: "Rowing", "Upper link", "Circular", "Circular motion", "Step" etc. In the simulator "Rowing" you will be able to strengthen almost all muscle groups in the arms and legs, and abdominals, back and hips. For the abdominal muscles and the press is "Pendulum" and "Circular motion". A very popular elliptical trainer that allows you to get aerobic exercise.

The training regime should be the same as in the hall: don't eat before, during and after exercise, the maximum that you can afford – it's a glass or two of water after class. And do not overload all muscle groups – exercises on each group do 1-2 times a week. Maybe you should even consult with a trainer at the gym before you start to seriously pursue fitness.