The training schedule need to pick up along with his coach or instructor, depending on General physical condition and age. Usually for women over 30 years old ideal mode of exercise – one or two strength training for 30 minutes and two cardio for 45 minutes a week. They should be carried out in different days to exercise intensity is not too large, otherwise it may start breaking down muscle tissue and accelerated loss of muscle mass. Take big rest breaks between weight training: this will allow not only to restore the muscle tissue which received breaks during loading, but also to create an additional supply before the new lesson. Disposable or half-power training is also beneficial for the psyche: you have time to rest and recover with new strength and desire to expect the day of training. You should not train one muscle group more than once a week, with the exception of only the abdominal muscles - they require regular stress. If the workout you started to stretch all muscle groups, for full recovery they will need 24 to 48 hours. The more intense was the strength training, the more time it will take to relax muscles. Note that even when you give intensive load one group of muscles, it is wrong to load the next day another group. The restoration involved the entire body and frequent workouts, he just does not have time to relax completely. Training needs to give you pleasure, and for this your body needs to be rested. Listen to him and don't force it load, take a break between workouts until your muscles stop hurting, and get back in the gym immediately, but after a couple of days after that. Experiment to determine which between workouts is required for you to complete the recovery.