Advice 1: How many times a day you need to swing press

Press one of the most revealing parts of the body, especially in the summer, when it's time for beaches and short topics. How to achieve maximum results when working on press, making it a relief and without having to spend a lot of time?
How many times a day you need to swing press

The best option of pumping the press - what is it?

Before asking questions about how much time you need to the abdominals or the biceps, is to analyze your biorhythm, your diet and physical fitness: it is unlikely that newcomers will be able to do 6 days a week, doing 5-7 approaches every day, right? And, it is important to not that the very physical and strong-willed preparation too.

According to many professional fitness trainers, the optimal amount of prokachivaya the press will have the following schedule: 3-4 times a week, one session per day. However, there needs to answer the question of what you want to achieve, just relief or volume?

This is a very important point: many girls, speaking about the press, imply a flat stomach and slightly protruding "cubes", but when it comes to guys, they speculate about the three-dimensional "cubes" that will be perfectly visible under a wet t-shirt :)

The approach to training in each case will be fundamentally different:

- When the "volume" to do a small number of sets (3-4) with a maximum number of repetitions, preferably the additional load, with the usual rather slow execution speed. Breaks between sets should be long. You should consider that to gain at least some mass media, need to work not only on him, but also to develop other muscle groups.

- When working "on the relief" it is desirable to do 5-7 approaches with the number of repetitions "on the rise" - 6 and 7 approaches should include the maximum possible number of repetitions, the speed of repetitions should be high - so the press began to burn. When working on the terrain, since you are not interested in increase in volume and weight, you can do two sessions a day: morning (lunch) and evening about 2-3 hours before bedtime.

The press is also one of the most "popular" parts of the body: it wants each and sports magazines are full of headlines about "the perfect press for 7 days". Instead of spending money on such trash consult with experts.

Change in the diet to maximize the result

Diet also depends on the purpose: if you want a huge cube, then eat everything and in large quantities, focus on the diet used by bodybuilders to put on weight. But if your goal is relief and not a lump of excess fat, do focus on protein and try to eliminate excess in diet quick carbohydrates, which is often, especially in women, leading to accumulation of fat in the lower belly and sides.

Press that part of the body that will retain their relief only in the case if you constantly work on it. A week without work pressure, and you will immediately notice the result. Nutrition also has an effect - less fast carbs!

Food - one third of the result, another third is proper sleep. Don't forget that the more your muscles work, the more rest for recovery they need after work. If you want your press ROS - sleep more and not hesitate to take NAPs in the afternoon if you have free time.

Advice 2 : Is it possible to download the press every day

With the arrival of spring, many people remember about her figure. Preparing for the summer, they are afraid not to have time to get in shape and begin to force the issue. Particular attention usually is paid to the press and dreams of a beautiful flat tummy or a strong massive blocks.
Is it possible to download the press every day

The most common myths about the press

To have cubes, press to swing all day - it's not true. Form press lies in every person from birth. Special exercises can only increase the thickness of the muscle, so it makes no sense to do them too often. Muscle growth occurs not only due to physical stress, but also thanks to the rest of them. Professional athletes rarely last press to "expand" the waist and not to disturb the perfect athletic proportions.

The more repetitions, the more the press really the press is no different from other muscles, so an intense workout with lots of reps will increase the endurance of the press, and will not increase the muscle thickness.

Frequent repetitions affect the "drying" press - in reality the fat is burned via strength exercises. Only by following a special diet in combination with resistance training, you can get relief.

How often do you need to swing press

In practice, it has long been proven that the rock press every day is pointless. No additional effect at such frequent training you get. It will not help you to reduce your waist or lose weight. Your muscles will just be in a constant tone, but on the appearance of dice is not affected.
If you want to "draw" press, train no more than 3-4 times a week. If the percentage of fat in your body is higher than 10, combine exercise with diet.

If your goal is not massive blocks, and to develop endurance, then a daily workout for you will be quite worthwhile. So athletes who practice martial arts. Their press is sealed, but the increase is not much.
Some bodybuilders do not agree to download the press several times a week. For example, Jay Cutler believes that the press needs to train every day. He is convinced that only a daily training keeping his body in shape.

There is an opinion that the abdominal muscles enough 24 hours to recover, so the press can and should swing 7 days a week. And if nothing hurts, then you can re-train. But the lack of muscle soreness does not mean that they have enough time to recover. Some muscles need 72 hours to recover, and press at least 48 hours.

Thus, for the emergence of endurance of the abdominal muscles need to train every day, but it will not lead to a noticeable cubes. To create a relief, you need to download the press no more 4 times a week, but without a proper diet and this is not an option. If you have body fat, even the most massive cubes will be hidden behind it. The perfect way to pump up the press to be patient, eat right and do several times a week.
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