Beginners eager to see results as quickly as possible, wondering if running every day. Theoretically runs can be made every day, but not always appropriate.

Much depends on the body

One of the main conditions for effective Jogging – continuity. If you spend 5 minutes running around, and half an hour walk, it's not Jogging, but just walk. Fitness experts recommend starting with 30-60-minute sessions during which you will jog for a distance of 20 km.

For the prevention of cardiovascular disease requires a minimum of two practices per week. To withstand this load can only be prepared by the body, so you first need to alternate running and walking, gradually striving for continuous Jogging.

How many times a week to run, to achieve optimal efficiency? For the trained body you need to increase the number of workouts to three a week. This is the maximum that should not be exceeded in order to avoid fatigue and injury. Do not think that the more often, the better will be the result. If the muscles do not give rest, they do not have time to recover and not only trained, but are at risk of injury.

Once or twice a day?

Deciding for yourself how often to run, you need to understand whether your body from to much strain or is the break a long class into two shorter? For example, recovering after stretching, it is better to run 5 km in the morning and evening 5 miles than 10.

Also, when planning the schedule of classes you need to consider the terrain on which you will have to run. If it is a dirt or snow-covered road, the load on the musculoskeletal system will be greater than when exercising on a treadmill.

You need to consider that running on asphalt or concrete is very bad for your knees. To mitigate the impact of the coating, the desired sprung orthopedic shoes. It is also worth considering the weather conditions – if rain or heat, it is better to do two short runs instead of one long one.

This mode of training will suit very busy people, beginners to the sport or just fans. For professionals or runners who are trying to reach certain heights in the sport, such schedule is not suitable. They need to exercise every day for at least an hour, giving rest to the body as needed. Usually a break in the Jogging professionals do after intense training preceding the competitions, as well as from diseases and injuries.