Advice 1: What religion is mainly practiced by the Armenians

Armenia is a small country with a population of about three million. Located in the Caucasus. The Republic of Armenia founded in the IV-II centuries BC, it is rich in its traditions, history, culture and religious beliefs.
What religion is mainly practiced by the Armenians
The religion of Armenia is very diverse. It includes Christianity, Islam, yezidism and fringe. Most of the residents of Armenian believers. It is believed that the most common religion is Christianity.

Christianity in Armenia

About 94% of the total population preach Christianity and belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church. This Church is one of the oldest in the world. Few people know that Armenia is the first Christian state in the world in the year 301 faith in the King of Heaven and his son Christ became the state religion of the country. The first preachers here are Bartholomew and Thaddeus.

In the year 404 was created the Armenian alphabet, and in the same year the Bible was translated into Armenian, and in the year 506 the Armenian Church officially separated from the Byzantine, which significantly influenced the subsequent history of the state, its political and social activities.

Catholicism in Armenia

But Christianity is not the only religion, the adherents of which live in Armenia. There are communities of the Armenian Catholic Church (there are about 36 parishes), which are called "Franks". The Franks (or fringe) live in Northern Armenia. Originally they came with the crusaders, but later in the 16-19 centuries, the Franks began to call the Armenians-Catholics. The Armenians, the Franks are divided into three groups:
- LPG-Franks,
- Khas-Franks,
- mshetsi-Franks.
The division of Catholics is not due to the peculiarities of religious beliefs, it is concerned with the place of residence of the adherents of this faith.

Islam in Armenia

There are also followers of Islam living in Armenia, although it should be noted that basically the religion of the Kurds, Azeris and Persians. In the capital, Yerevan is home to the famous Blue mosque. It was built in 1766 and in the early 20th century was one of the seven mosques in the capital. This beautiful building is not only religious in nature. It is also a symbol of interfaith friendship.

Other religions

There is also the Armenian evangelicals that came out of the Apostolic Church, because they believed that its teachings and traditions were not consistent with the Bible. Among the Armenians also spread pseudoplatystoma sectarianism, chemilumi and Sunni Islam of the Hanafi persuasion. Some Armenians deny God and join the society of atheists.
Despite the diversity of religion, it is necessary to consider the fact that God in all faiths and the teachings of the one, although it has different names.

Christianity has covered most of the inhabitants of the Earth, without leaving aside Armenia. Christianity has played an important role in the fate of the Republic, when she lost her independence. In fact, the Christian Church had to take on part of the government that allowed her to save a nation and unique culture of the state.

Advice 2 : What is the religion of the ancient

Since ancient times, people believed in supernatural forces, so there are a huge variety of religions and beliefs. Some of them are quite young and the other story is millennia old. But what religion is the oldest?
What is the religion of the ancient
To find out what faith is ancient, it is necessary to define the term "religion" because of the primitive superstition and paganism, for example, have roots in the very distant past and, as a rule, in the selection of the oldest religions do not participate. Most often compare the major world religions, the followers of which are not concentrated in any one state, and are distributed around the world. Such religions include Islam, Christianity and Buddhism.
Islam is the most youngest among world religions. He was born in the beginning of VII century BC, and more precisely in the year 610. According to the legend, the prophet Muhammad was visited by the angel, he predictably the beginning of the Quran. The first public appearance of Mohammed took place in the year 613, and by the time of his death in 632 ad, the Arabian Peninsula was formed a powerful Islamic state of the Arab Caliphate. The conquest of the Caliphate led to the further spread of Islam in the territory of the near and Middle East. Currently, Islam is professed by about 1.5 billion people across the planet.
Christianity – the religion that emerged on the basis of Judaism in the first century ad in Palestine, which was part of the Roman Empire. The emergence of Judaism began about two thousand years BC unlike Judaism, Christianity was spread among people of many races, and missionary activities of the apostles, especially the Apostle Paul, caught on the side of faith in Christ many followers within the Roman Empire. Today Christianity leads in the number of believers and ranked first in the world in prevalence. Christian communities exist in all countries of the Earth, and the total number of Christians exceeds 2.3 billion people.
Oldest world religion is the Buddhism that emerged around the VI century BC in India. It is believed that it was founded by Siddhartha Gautama attained spiritual enlightenment after a long meditation. In the stillness after 49 days, he came to the conclusion that the cause of human misery is ignorance, and got the idea of what needs to be done to eliminate this problem. After that it became known as the Buddha. The rest of his life Buddha spent traveling through India preaching his doctrine. After his death, the religion continued to spread through India and South-East Asia, where he focused the majority of Buddhists of different sects. The total number of adherents of Buddhism reaches about 600 million people.
If to talk about world religions, it is the oldest monotheistic faith would be Judaism and the most ancient extant Hinduism, the first evidence of the occurrence of which date back to 5500 BC.

Advice 3 : What religions exist in the world

Religion in one form or another, existed in the world throughout human history. She was one of the first stones in the Foundation of the cultural development of various peoples. The exact number of religious movements it is impossible to determine due to the constantly emerging of new branches of existing religions, sects and doctrines.
What religions exist in the world

The largest religion

The largest number of followers are Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism and Hinduism. According for 2011, in total, to them belong nearly five billion people; all other groups of believers is much smaller. All modern religions of the world can be divided into several categories: paganism or polytheism – worship of many gods; the branch of the Abrahamic: Judaism, Christianity and Islam – followers of the teachings of Abraham; and the Indian: Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Hinduism.
Initially, the exercise was also Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism. However, they are mostly absorbed prior religious traditions.

In turn, each religious movement split into several branches. For example, the main branches of Christianity are Catholicism, Protestantism and Orthodoxy. The Islamic world is divided into Shia, Sunni and Khawarij. Hinduism is officially recognized four major areas: Vaishnavism, shaktism, shaivism, smartism. Each of these currents repeatedly crushed. Often to equate various religions and philosophical teachings, particularly Confucianism, Daoism, yoga, etc. These philosophical ethical teachings combine and the basic religious principles of many faiths and scientific-materialist view of the modern world.

New religions and sects

Among the smaller religious sects the most common is the shamanism, as well as uninterrupted pagan cults of different countries. Additionally, there are strange religious sects as reliant, Kargo, "Heaven's gate", pastafarianstvo and shakers. Among them pastafarianstvo – one of the youngest officially registered faiths, which does not belong to any known religion of the world.
Pastafarianstvo – the worship of God or the spaghetti monster. There is a parody of the religious doctrine in 2005 in response to a government attempt to introduce into the school curriculum discipline called "intelligent design".

Recently gaining momentum new religious movements, which can be combined collectively as neo-paganism. At its core is the reconstruction of the old polytheistic cults, common to any territory. These include ethnic neo-paganism of Europe, India, China, rodnovers in Russia, etc. an Interesting attitude to German neo-paganism emerged in Germany and around the world. Ancient polytheistic beliefs modern Germany equated to fascism and radical nationalism, largely due to the events of the Second world war. The mere fact that enough ancient pagan symbol – the swastika, which before Hitler came to power had no relation to Nazism, became a direct symbol that speaks volumes.

Advice 4 : When the Armenians adopted Christianity

Armenia had in the past various names – the Ararat country, the Ashkenazi state of Urartu. The significant first mention of Armenia is found in the Bible. After all, the Bible describes how Noah found salvation at mount Ararat.
When the Armenians adopted Christianity
Christianity in Armenia was adopted in 301, much earlier than the Byzantine Empire and Greece. A huge contribution to the development of Christianity in the country made George the Illuminator, who became the first Catholicos of all Armenians.

Apostolic Church

In honor of the apostles Thaddeus and Bartholomew Armenian Church was called Apostolic, much later, when after the death of Gregory the Illuminator, he was canonized, his name was called the Armenian Church. It became known as the Armenian Gregorian Apostolic Church.

King Trdat the Third Great became famous for the fact that prior to the adoption of Christianity, was a persecutor of Christians. By being baptized Trdat put a lot of effort to spread Christianity throughout Armenia. On his order were destroyed all the pagan shrines and built in their place Christian churches.

In the year 303 was built Echmiadzin – the world-famous Cathedral, which is currently the residence of the Catholicos of all Armenians. In Etchmiadzin held a Synod for the election of the next Catholicos. It attracts delegates from all Russian and foreign Armenian dioceses.

The alphabet for the word of God

Mesrop Mashtots, who is revered by Christians as Holy, in the year 404 after Christ created the first and only Armenian alphabet, during the creation it was considered the most modern and it had already used the classic style of writing – left to right.

Together with his disciples-followers of Mashtots translated the Bible into the Armenian language, his book became known worldwide as the "Queen of translations" for the perfection of the translation of the original source.

Mashtots, fulfilling her duty as a Christian, created an alphabet for the Georgians and Caucasians Alans.

Now in Yerevan Repository of ancient manuscripts named after Mashtots are more than 20 thousand manuscripts, to collect that started the Mashtots. This collection of manuscripts is of great historical and cultural value to the peoples of the world.

The spread of the Armenian Church

In the Promised Land, the territory of modern Israel since the sixth century, it was built over seventy Armenian churches, and in the year 638 was founded by the Armenian Patriarchate, which consolidated and became the head of all vostochnoperevoznaya dioceses. This Ethiopian, Syrian and Coptic diocese.

Almost two thousand years, every year a miracle occurs – the Holy Fire that takes place on the eve of Easter in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. From among the bishops of the Armenian Gregorian Apostolic Church is annually elected by the clergy, who will be entrusted to accept the Holy Fire.
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