Passive euthanasia is to disconnect the patient from the machines supporting his life functions. Active euthanasia – an introduction to the person who suffers from an incurable disease special drugs that help to die quickly and painlessly. In addition, voluntary euthanasia is carried out at the request of a sick or in accordance with the legal documents executed previously, where the person did with her life and expressed the will to voluntary euthanasia, if he's in a coma and will be unable to ask the person about his killing. Involuntary euthanasia is conducted at the request of the family if the patient is in a coma and the doctors ' prognosis for recovery the worst.

Why they allowed euthanasia

With the help of modern medical technologies, methods of resuscitation and drugs can significantly prolong the life of a man who without rendering modern medical care would have long since died themselves. But that means living under devices or strong medication? This state of life, which is eternal suffering, and no hope for subsequent life, in whatever form. In other words – it is life in the form of plants. To be able to support life, requires large financial costs, which is a heavy burden on patient's relatives. Moreover, everyone has the right to freedom of choice.

But if the doctor will help the patient to die, as did the Hippocratic oath? The Hippocratic oath is a direct contradiction of the implementation of euthanasia.

Where euthanasia is allowed

The Netherlands. It is the first country that already in 1984 the Supreme court ruled voluntary euthanasia an acceptable way of death to end unbearable suffering.

Belgium. The legalization of euthanasia in Belgium, implemented in 2002. Already in 2003, 200 terminally ill patients voluntarily withdrew from life. In 2004, the euthanasia was carried out 360 patients.

USA. In 1994, the assisted suicide permitted in Oregon, in November 2008 in Washington state. In March 2012 Georgia Nathan deal signed a law banning euthanasia.

Switzerland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Australia supported the idea of euthanasia and issued bills allowing patients to disconnect from the apparatus of artificial life support or administration of drugs with which the patient painlessly leave this world.

Germany. The Federal court ruled that euthanasia is not associated with the deliberate killing and it is not contraindications.