The reason for your unwillingness to sit down for textbooks may be a lack of interest in learning, a subconscious understanding of the fact that you are not interested and do not need. Many students familiar with this situation before the session: a few sleepless nights, frantic attempts to read all the notes and to perform all tasks at the last moment. A radical means to change the situation can be written by you a letter of dismissal, but not everyone has enough willpower.
Another reason for the reluctance to engage is the inability to prioritize. If you clearly understand the need to prepare for the exam and motivate yourself, it will help to set the priorities right.
Be aware that the exam you need to pass, and that he is scheduled for a specific day and hour. Break the preparation process into stages, between which take a break. Set yourself a clear time frame, write a schedule of classes and try to stick with it. Make it in advance, in the evening, so that when you sit down to do it, he was already lying in front of you. It is necessary to make, taking into account their biorhythms mark the study the most difficult issues in the hours when you will learn the material most efficiently.
Rate your real abilities. Maybe subconsciously you believe that to study the tickets, you will simply get up early on exam day and to refresh their memory in the morning. So trying to force myself to sit behind the books 2-3 days before the exam, of course, doomed to failure. Don't debilitate yourself and do not suffer, still nothing will better be engaged in other useful work.
Sometimes the cause of your procrastination and unwillingness to prepare can be simple fatigue. In this case it makes sense not to get up in the morning to an alarm clock, to write the book, and a good night's sleep and start later, but with a great desire and a clear head. In this case, the process would be much more fun.