Exam preparation is not only the memorization of the material. And hastily to complete their education nedouchtennoe, striving for one day and last night to catch up on all missed for a few months, not worth it – too much likelihood that the result of such a "mad rush" will be a confusion in the head. And in combination with fatigue it can cause at a crucial moment you will not be able to mobilize, perenervnichala and forget even what I knew. So the main point of the last day to put in order yourself and your head to meet the day of the examination in full combat readiness.

In the first half of the day, you can repeat the passed material, staging a "mock exam". Write key questions on a piece of paper, pull them at random, write response plans, and tell either myself or any of the others. A good move will be to cooperate with classmates to arrange a joint review. The main thing – in advance to impose a ban on "wrap" themselves and each other ("Oh, I won't, I don't know anything").

If you are very nervous – treat yourself to a little therapy session. In itself, the excitement before the exam – as quite natural, you are preparing to test the blood with adrenaline... To the excitement receded – imagine the process of the exam, "in color" in detail. Here you take a ticket, sweat, now sit down and begin to prepare, but is perfectly present the material, and all ends well! The next day you will only repeat this way.

If the excitement does not recede and you can not convince yourself that everything will be fine – try to go by contradiction and to use a technique which psychologists call "reductio ad absurdum". Imagine the worst situation in all the details, bring the exam nightmare to the point of absurdity. What is the result? Most likely eventually you will come to the conclusion that to be afraid of essentially nothing, because your life and health threatens nothing.

The evening of the last day before the exam – the time when the classes should be banned. The body must rest, the brain – switch. Therefore, go for a walk, take a bath, do cleaning – anything, as long as it distracted you from studying. Of course, should avoid all the tedious options – Nightclubs, long grueling workout, and of course drinking alcoholic beverages.

Go to bed early. Moreover, you may not be able to fall asleep immediately. But the next day you have to be in shape, fresh, rested and slept.

Drink sedatives before taking exams (like the night before and the morning) the doctors categorically do not recommend. The situation is still nervous, and their effect can be unpredictable: for example, the next day you may begin to desire to sleep. In a pinch you can drink a Cup of soothing herbal tea or take a tincture of Valerian. But still better than trying to cope on their own. For example, to leave home early and take a walk, breathing deeply, slowly and steadily.

And even at the very least you should not try something to learn in the last hours. In this case, the memory will remain only the stuff you "worked" just, and the rest of the exam preparation turn to ashes. So you can only a cursory flip through notes or a textbook – and to stop.