After you have the list of questions of examination tickets, prepare for each of them a detailed written response. This will help you to systematize the material and to brush up on the knowledge gained during the entire period of study. Basic concepts and terms of object highlight in a different color ink or clear marker. A few hours before a test or exam you can view the main subparagraph of the notes in order to reinforce confidence in their own abilities.
To learn all the tickets, properly distribute the available training time. Intense mental work from early morning until late at night will not give the expected results. Better to alternate "brainstorming" with the rest. Three hours studying the material must have one hour of recreation. It doesn't have to be a dream – read an interesting book, play a computer game stroll through the alley. Then you with new forces will easily be able to master another layer of information.
Use multiple sources to prepare each issue. The rule is especially important for the delivery of humanitarian items. For example, students-legislators need to know not only Federal laws but also regional or international, and future psychologists to have an idea about the points of view of different authors on a particular issue. In addition to the tutorial to better learn the tickets, use manuals, scientific articles, materials from the Internet.
Night's sleep before the exam. Fatigue and drowsiness in the exam can play with you bad joke. Thus, the sleep in the pre-examination day must be at least 8-9 hours so you can have a rest before such an important matter.