After the baby is born the woman is completely immersed in caring, devoted. In different families of the relationship of women to the child and husband are different. In some families the woman is completely devoting his time only to the child and did not notice her husband. In others, on the contrary, she believes that the child interferes with their relationship. Many immediately passed the child to his parents.

The baby, of course, takes almost all the time at my mom's. This often leads to depression. Frequent tantrums, bad mood and lack of sleep. All this is due to the fact that often a young mother is simply not ready for the appearance of a new person in their family. The child requires a lot of attention and he, of course, completely helpless.

From many we hear that after the birth of a baby do not forget about the husband. If you look on the one hand, the man is a grown man and he can cope with the temporary difficulties himself. But on the other hand, he was, of course, I want to draw attention to himself. In this regard, there are quarrels and misunderstandings in the family.

Men often avoid the difficulties which arise in the family with the appearance of a small child. And this, of course, complicates even more the woman's life. She gets tired and throws a negative on your husband. It is when these temporary difficulties in the family lead to divorce. The man always justifies its behavior by saying that he earns money for the family. No matter how difficult the man to provide for his family, he still need to care for the child and his wife. The education of the child need not be treated as a feat. If both parents will pay attention to your baby, he will feel much more confident in this world.

In the right family with the baby just made life brighter and more interesting. Both parents do their child, and they try all the difficulties through together. If the husband is able to cope with a small child, mother will have time for yourself and for him. She can cook a delicious dinner to please your husband.

All in the family is to help each other and the ability to overcome everything together. The child will not always be small. Over time, these difficulties will go away and will only have a happy family.