Take a wedding ring. If its not, borrow it from my mom or grandmother. Then put on the table and faceted glass, tie the ring behind the thread. Wait until it's midnight. Light a candle, lower the string to a ring in the glass, but so that it does not touch the bottom, and set the exact, specific question example: "How many years I will be when born my first child." Then concentrate, keep exactly the string tied to the ring, do not rock her and wait for the ring itself yourself swaying, begin to touch the sides of the glass. Each touch on the face of the glass is equal to one once. So you can count your age, when the child, number of children.
Pass the thread a needle, replace the palm and holding the weight of a needle, ask: who among you was born, girl or boy. The needle starts to swing. Wait a bit, when she goes from chaotic sway in one direction, we can already draw conclusions. So, if the needle is swinging up and down like a pendulum, then you will be a boy. If the needle moves in a circle, then you wait for girls.
Ask about the birth of children and the spirits. Particularly impressionable is not necessary to do this kind of divination. So, take a large sheet of paper, draw two circles. The first circle – large position on its base all the letters of the alphabet. The second circle was smaller, place on it the numbers from 1 to 100. When it's midnight, turn off the lights, light the candles, place in the center circle of the saucer. Pre-attach the arrow to the base of the saucer. Now all the audience guessing (not more than 4-5 people), holding on to the edge of the saucer should ask a certain spirit to come to them. The spirit may be the favorite writer of the last century or other historical figures. The advent of the spirit one can notice intuitively. Candle will emit a crackling sound, you will see a draft, the saucer begins to move. You can then ask questions. Answers will consist of letters and numbers, which is indicated by the arrows saucers.
Another infallible method of prediction itself of the child: imagine you already had a baby. Create a dream image of a baby as you play with him, put him as he laughs or what he is not happy. So you are programming yourself for the birth of a boy or girl.