You will need
  • - a regular sewing needle of any size;
  • - cotton thread of suitable thickness of red, white or black.
Take a piece of thread of red, white or black, length approximately 20 to 25 inches, threaded the thread in the eye of a needle, not tying a knot, attached to fingers of the right hand, both of the filament tip.
The left hand is deployed palm up. Three times drop and raise the needle, holding the thread between your thumb and forefinger. Move the needle, lightly touch the tip of the needle to the middle of your palm to stop traffic. Gently lift up and hold above the centre of the palm at a height of about 5 inches.

The needle starts any movement of pendulum or circular movement. Repeat the process for as long as the needle will remain motionless hanging over the center of the palm.
The number of repeats, when the needle moves, mean number of living children, both future and already born. Children who will never be born, if, for example, spontaneous abortion, needle not "shows".
Also, the needle indicates the sex of the baby: if the motion-the pendulum - it's a boy, if circular motion is a girl.