Before a storm occurs a temporary lull, but also dramatically changes the force of the wind. When the storm has already begun, and determine at what distance you are from the epicenter. Count how many seconds passed from the flash of lightning before the thunder. At the speed of sound to calculate the distance. According to the calculation formula, one second is equal to 300 meters. For example, you counted 6 seconds, then to the epicenter of the storm of 1,800 meters. Accordingly, you have time to hide. If the thunder immediately, immediately seek shelter as you are in the most dangerous place.
Water is a good conductor of electricity. So if you caught the storm on the lake, the river, in any case, do not swim. Step away from the pond to a distance of 30 meters. Go to the nearest village, the village to find shelter. Remember to take out of the pockets of metal objects.
While at home during a thunderstorm, turn off all household electrical appliances from the outlets. Unplug the lights, close the Windows and doors. Note that during the thunderstorm in no event it is impossible to heat the furnace, as through a pipe can get lightning because the smoke has a high conductivity. Disconnect mobile, a landline phone. Until the end of the storm, stay away from them, since the magnetic field increasingly attracts electric discharges.
In the high and solitary trees are more often struck by lightning. So if you're in the woods, find a small shrub, sit on your heels and wait in this position for the storm. Note that you can stand up and lie down on the ground, as you need to occupy as little space as possible on the surface.
If the storm you are riding a car, gradually stop, Park on the side of the road and turn the car off. When the storm caught you motorcycle, scooter or other open transport, immediately leave him and go away to a distance of at least 30 meters.
Find shelter if the approaching storm you are on the street. It is not recommended to use an umbrella because the metal needles conduct electricity. Step away from the high-voltage poles and single trees. Note that in wet clothes during a storm is dangerous, because the water applies an electric discharge with the greatest speed.