Take cover from the storm in a nearby building, if there is one in sight, or in the car. Moving to cover, do not open the umbrella. Try not to run, a little drop. If the building next door closed, hide at the bus stop or under low shrub. Do not touch the walls of the stop.
Stop the car if the storm caught you while driving. Select a location away from trees and power line poles. Turn off the car, close the Windows, fold the antenna. Disable the radio. Machine is one of the safest shelters during the storm.
Leave the water, if the storm came in during your swimming or boating. If the element raged at the time when you were fishing, put the rod at a distance of several tens of meters from himself. Step away from the water at a safe distance.
Don't try to hide under a solitary tree. Lightning strikes the highest objects. Get away from this tree to 30-40 meters. It would be safer to hide in the bushes.
Go down the hill into a valley, for example, in the ravine or hollow. Leave the high Bank of the river.
Don't lie on the ground, but not straight. Better sit on your heels and clasp your hands knees.
Don't lean against the rock (if you're outdoors) and the walls of the houses, stay away from drain pipes.
Do not touch or are near metal objects, rebar, bikes, fences and lattices. Remove everything that contains metal, including jewelry.
Please turn off your cell phone. It is not known exactly, does cell apparatus, the probability of lightning in person, but to check for yourself not necessary. As for a landline phone in the apartment, it is better to disconnect from the mains and move away from wires and sockets.