For a man thunderstorms are one of the most dangerous natural phenomena. In the number of fatalities from people, storms are second only to floods. In the Earth's atmosphere thunderstorms are fairly common. Approximately 46 of lightning occurs over the surface of our planet every second. It is worth noting that over the continents, thunderstorms occur ten times more frequently than over the oceans.
Nearly eighty percent of all what is happening on Earth, thunderstorms are concentrated in the tropics and subtropics. The intensity of the storms is directly related to solar activity. A major percentage of storm formations recorded in the afternoon hours of summer months.
The zippers are a result of the creation of cumulonimbus clouds. For the formation of such clouds requires the implementation of a number of conditions. Usually this is due to the presence of the powerful updrafts. That is why lightning is a frequent phenomenon in mountainous areas.
At the present time to classify storms according to the meteorological environment in which they occur. The size of the cumulonimbus clouds depends on the size and intensity of the upstream humidity.
The least powerful thunderstorms klassificeret as a single-cell. They occur in light winds and do not possess sufficient intensity. The most common type of thunderstorms is mnogoyazychie cluster formation. This type is much more powerful than a single-cell, but not the most intense.
Least likely to be found supereconomy thunderstorms. This type represents a serious threat to communal buildings and human life. Storm cloud of this type can reach fifty kilometers wide and fifteen tall. On the occurrence and course of the storm consumes huge amount of energy. It is roughly equivalent to a nuclear explosion of 20 kilotons. Naturally, all of the energy is released much more slowly on a huge area, so hardly noticeable.