Try to remember an event from your life, the consequence of which could be fear of the storm. Perhaps you stayed home alone in a thunderstorm, when I was a kid. Think about not hitting you in the soul of any creepy story about the storm. Maybe you yourself are the observer of how lightning hit, for example, in the tree. The reason may be viewing television about the storm. If you understand what started your fear, it will be easier to defeat him.
Switch to perform some action during a lightning storm. Take care of household chores, expressive read aloud, do some exercise, cook a dish you love. Your attention will be distracted from the violent phenomena of nature, and it will be easier to pull myself together.
Engage in breathing exercises. Take a few deep breaths. Next, close the right nostril with the index finger of the same hand and inhale through the left. After that you need to simultaneously open the right and close the left nostril using the ring finger and little finger. Exhale and inhale, and then close the right side of the nose. Within a quarter of an hour focus on your breathing, gradually adding exercise to the short duration of the breath on the inhale and exhale.
Relax. Take a soothing bath with a few drops of essential oils, light the scented candles, brew green or flower tea. Refrain from drinking beverages that excite the nervous system – alcohol, coffee and energy cocktails. Dress in comfortable clothes and wrap yourself in a cozy blanket.
Examine the phenomena that occur during thunderstorms, read more. Find all sorts of information on the Internet, view science films. Be sure to pay attention to how residential buildings protect from the storm. The belief that your home is safe thanks to the lightning rod, can reassure you.