While at home, during a thunder-storm disconnect electrical appliances, mobile devices, computer and other equipment. Close Windows and vents and then not to go near them.
If you are driving, just stop, close the Windows and stay put. You can safely wait out the storm. But with the motorcycle, moped, Bicycle, you must get off and move away from them, if you are in the city.
During a storm on the street stay away from metal fences, gutters, antennas, wiring... In all metal structures.
In the field or in a meadow during a thunderstorm, you need to sit down, and it is better to lie down. In the absence of trees, the lightning may strike you! Ideally you want to find any recess: a ravine, a hole, etc. Stay away from lines elektroperedachi. Try not to move.
Worst of all, if the storm caught you in the woods. As soon as possible to get out of it. If this is not possible (for example, you've gone too far into the depths, into the woods), looking for a clearing. Important – on no occasion to hide under the trees. Lightning always strikes in them, so find the most open place. Don't lie on the ground, in the field, but sit on his haunches.
Where ever you are, if there is a pond, get away from him as possible. Lightning trapped in the water, has a huge radius of destruction. She has, of course, not in the water and that above it rises. So never swim or take a boat or catamaran during a storm.
In the mountains – don't lean against the cliffs, hide in any deepening, but not under a rock overhang.
During a thunderstorm, you can not bother to make any sudden movements, panic. Outdoors stay away from the fire. If you have a lot of metal jewelry, remove them and put them away from yourself. Keep in mind that wet clothing increases the risk of getting hit by lightning! So try not to get wet when going outside don't forget to bring an umbrella or a raincoat.