You will need
  • - gift;
  • phone;
  • - crayons;
  • cards;
  • - nice touches.
Birthday is, of course, gifts. If the birthday boy in advance not asked you to buy the thing he wants, show imagination. It is not necessary to give the celebrant another souvenir from the store. Give him a certificate for a photo session (even better – to a costume), horseback riding or swimming with dolphins in the pool. For the office worker funny gift would be a variety of jumping, flying and escaping alarms, and the girl can please a huge bouquet of flowers, that's just not true, and is made of balloons.
The bulk of the congratulations start to pour on the birthday morning, as soon as he wakes up. Ahead of all – you can congratulate someone you care about as soon as the clock strikes midnight. So he will know what you think of him and waited for his birthday with no less impatience than he. Of course, you should know that people at that time still awake. If you can sing, and can even play the guitar should not be limited to call or SMS. Sing the birthday boy a Serenade under the balcony.
A huge sign under the window, perhaps, is not so original way to congratulate the happy birthday, but certainly enthralls most free. To make it better with crayons. The hero of the occasion looking at her a couple of days, and then the greeting will be washed away by rain.
Throw a few birthday cards and just pleasant things. Imagine how your close stretches in the morning in the bread bin and stumbles upon a stuffed toy. Along with the keys to the house and he pulls out a piece of candy. Metro opens the book and there is a postcard with congratulations. Little things from the morning cheer to the birthday mood.
Agree with friends and make a joint costume birthday. Dress up cowboys, lost tourists, or pirates, who decided to congratulate the birthday boy. Advance pick up funny rhymes and play in front of the celebrant a little scene. Surely your friend will love it.