To congratulate happy birthday to not only a few familiar phrases. Today, more and more people prefer to use the original greeting. If you apply imagination and humor, you can come up with many interesting and innovative options.

Original ways of greetings

Gift with the element of surprise is always nice. Especially if your friend or girlfriend dreams about something, but can not afford to buy. This can be, for example, a cleaner for your computer. But to keep the intrigue it can be Packed in several boxes of varying size.

Congratulations on the birthday in the original interpretation is very easy to organize, making the woman surprise, with ordinary bouquet of flowers. You can order a beautiful bouquet and send it with a courier, after putting in a card with congratulations.

The author's poem – also a great and original gift for a birthday. But only because not everyone knows the art of versification. In this case, you can enjoy the unusual poetry-congratulations to the web or a special Agency.

Nice to congratulate a girl happy birthday, ordering her favorite song on the radio or television. Well, to she definitely missed a birthday message, you can put her picture together with congratulations outside of her window or home.

Fireworks is a modern and unusual version of original greetings birthday. In this way it is possible to write in the sky the name of the hero of the occasion. This procedure takes on average 30 seconds to 1 minute, but impressions will last a lifetime.

Unusual congratulations

To congratulate a familiar possible using modern technology. For example, to leave a voice message on your mobile phone or e-mail a slide show of photos of the birthday girl under the beautiful theme music or song of your favorite artist.

A gift you can present unusual. For example, using cards with riddles, guessing that your girlfriend step by step she will find a place where it's hidden. The intrigue will accompany her until the end and provide only positive emotions from the gift.

You can invite artists in unusual way to congratulate the birthday girl with this wonderful event and will present a gift. Artists can play an entire performance or to present the gift in colorful costumes.

Ways original and beautiful, congratulations, happy birthday there are many. You just have to not be afraid to experiment and surprise. Importantly, the congratulations came from the heart. Then everything will turn out just fine.