You will need
  • - the drawing paper;
  • - colors.
  • balloons;
  • - flowers;
  • - a bottle of cognac;
  • - a gift.
Make an effort and come to the office half an hour earlier. This gives you enough time to decorate the office. On a large piece of drawing paper write "happy anniversary!" and hang a banner on the desktop of the guest of honor. Balloons will also help to create a festive mood.
If your team has the habit during work listening to the radio, order a musical greeting to the employee in festive gear. It's gonna feel good coming to work and catching your favorite wave, to hear your warm words in its address. Fans of cheerful greetings can order a song and a joke.
Fellow ladies for an anniversary should give a bouquet of flowers – there is almost no restrictions. To select bouquet for men harder. Traditionally it is customary to give carnations, Calla lilies, gladioli, chrysanthemums, roses. Original floral composition for men can include a bottle of brandy. For sure your colleague will appreciate this addition.
The most important part of any birthday is the gifts. Well, if your colleague has a hobby. Avid fisherman can give a Wobbler, a skilled the embroiderer is a beautiful stitch pattern. If you have no ideas about the gift, call jubilee home, for sure his relatives will be able to help you. Also popular and humorous gifts – mugs with a caricature of the employee t-shirts with funny inscriptions indicating the profession of the birthday boy.
Of course, you can meet at lunch the whole team and eat birthday cake, congratulating the birthday anniversary. However, if you want to arrange a real holiday, you better come up with something more interesting. In summer you can organize a trip to a barbecue with the whole team, in the cold season, you are ready to accept the many cafes and restaurants. If all your team are young at heart, you can combine a festive table with active rest. Go karting or playing paintball. And don't forget in the battle to give him, because he has a holiday today.