A universal gift that will please every girl, does not exist. Even the flowers and candy, so popular as a present from a strong half, you can not please your beloved: some girls prefer roses, others lilies, and others believe that giving cut flowers is barbaric. And so many women are on a diet. If you've been Dating a girl, you probably had to study it tastes. If your relationship just started to develop, please note, if the girl eating sweets, when you sit with her in a cafe if she has house flowers, gently start a conversation with her about it. If her attitude to the flowers and boxes of chocolates positive – feel free to make your favorite "Raffaello", previously hidden in the pocket of her coat, and ordered her to the office of the bouquet.
In recent years, the popular wish lists – lists of what people would like to see as a gift. Usually links to these lists are public places, so visit your girlfriend in the social network or personal blog and see if the lady's special request. Can't think of what would be her best gift – giving star. You will be given a special certificate stating that somewhere in a distant galaxy shining star, owned by your beloved.
However, finding a gift is not enough. Need to know how to present it. If you can't figure out how to wrap yourself (and this will suit: and a beautiful fabric, and foil, and even the leaves), please contact the Department of gifts, where you beautifully wrapped box and glued a little bow.
Select the method how you will congratulate the girl. Largely your success depends on it. Start to please the beloved with congratulations and warm words in the morning. If you live together, stick on mirror colorful stickers with wishes, leave it on the table in a vase gorgeous bouquet, bring her Breakfast in bed. Fans of extreme fit, horseback riding or ballooning, where the exhilarating atmosphere you can congratulate the girl.
It is not necessary to pretend that you forgot about the day of birth of your friend, and then come in the evening with a gift. It is unlikely that the girl would find such a way of wishing the original. Most likely, it is already noon time to get frustrated and mentally break up with you.