Determine how many days of unused vacation time you have left. By law, the employee is granted 28 calendar days per year or 2.33 days per month. The first vacation the employer must give the employee 6 months after employment. Count how long you work and how many vacation days you are supposed to during this period. Subtract vacation time used, and you will find out how many days you have left. If there are less than 14, then to inform the employer about the termination of cooperation you need before you go to rest. Otherwise you will have to work out the remaining days, if your leaders demand it.
The labour code obliges the employee to inform the employer about his resignation at least 2 weeks, however, by agreement of the parties, the employee may retire earlier. For example, if the employee has 8 days left of vacation and the employee notifies his leadership on the day before the holiday, the administration has the right to require the employee to work for another 6 days after a holiday. But if the employer insists on this, the employee may be dismissed on the last day of vacation. Convenient to serve 2 applications: to leave and the dismissal.
The employer has the right not to send you to rest if he is not provided with a leave schedule drawn up for the current calendar year. In this case you will have to work for 2 weeks, if the authorities so require. At dismissal you will receive monetary compensation for unused vacation days. If you have spent all the allotted time, a refund will not be credited. You also have the right to use part of the remaining vacation, and other days to monetary compensation at dismissal.
Last working day will be considered the last day of your holiday. This date will stand in your workbook. However, take the document you can the day prior to the commencement of the leave. At the same time, you are required to provide information on the accrual of insurance premiums for the last 2 calendar years. She will need at your new place of work to accrue sick leave and benefits.
Starting from the second year of employment, vacation for the current calendar year may be granted in advance for the entire year. So it may be a situation where not only do you not have unused days of vacation, but you actually owe the employer. Then needless accrued vacation pay will be deducted from your final wages.