Inform the administration in writing of your decision not to retire. To do this, write a statement addressed to the Director of the company. This should be done before the expiration of the two-week notice period resignation at own request. The content of the statement is the following:"Please recall a statement about my dismissal at own request from such number". Put the date and signature. Make a copy of your application for review, or write it in two copies. Ask the Secretary or employee of the personnel Department to put a date and signature on your copy of the application.
Give a statement to the leadership for consideration. Now you do not have the right to fire, even if the Manager does not sign your statement of revocation. Otherwise contact the court within one month from the date of dismissal of claim statementm about the violation of labor laws. The court's decision will restore the work and will pay earnings that are not derived from illegal dismissal.
Find out in the personnel Department, not invited you in writing to take your place another worker in the order of transfer. Keep in mind that if the employee has already resigned from the previous place of work, a statement of the opinion you don't sign, you will be fired at the appointed time and there's nothing you can do about it because under the labour legislation, the administration has no right to deny another worker, invited in writing in the order of transfer to your site.