If you notice the absence of your document military ticketand report it immediately to the police and write a statement about his loss. Officers are required to try to find your military ticket. It is possible that they will be able to find the lost you,"voennik". But if their actions prove fruitless, you have the right to demand from law enforcement a certificate confirming the fact of your appeal regarding the loss of the military ticket.
After receiving this reference, immediately go to the military enlistment office at the place of registration and write a statement about the loss of military ticketand indicating the expected time and place of the incident. Don't forget to describe in detail the actions you performed to search "voennik" and submit the certificate obtained in law enforcement.
To recover lost military ticket, in addition to statements about it is lost, you must submit the passport with the military is present in this record about your registration and 4 matte photos without area the size of 30×40mm, designed specially for the military ticket.
Depending on what the cause was lost, the military ticket and how quickly you addressed the military Commissariat with a view to its recoverydepends on the punishment for the loss of the document. It can be simply a warning or an administrative fine, to pay which you can at any Bank branch, which accept payments from population. A receipt will need to show the draft Board.
If you are in military age, but service was exempt by reason of health, be sure to present the draft Board a medical certificate indicating the diagnosis.
The entire process of recovering lost war ticketand is usually no more than 5 working days after circulation of the draft Board.