Use city buses.

To get to the airport "Pulkovo" from the center of the city in various ways. The nearest metro station "Moskovskaya". From here you can reach the airport by bus No. 39. Flights depart approximately every 15 minutes. Journey time is about 30 minutes. The bus runs from 5:30 to 1:30. It should be noted that this route takes you to the terminal "Pulkovo-1".

If you need to get to the terminal "Pulkovo-2", then you can do it by bus No. 13. The beginning of the movement – 5:40 on weekdays and 6:00 on weekends. The end of the movement – 0:47. Bus # 13 runs every 13-20 minutes. Journey time is about 25 minutes. The fare is 25 rubles.
Get to the airport by taxi.

Not only by bus to get to the airport. To the terminal "Pulkovo-1" can be reached by taxi bus # 39 constantly. The price of the ticket is 30 rubles.

To the airport Pulkovo-2 you can reach with taxi numbers K3, К213 and К13А. The fare is 35 RUB. you can Get there from the metro station "Moskovskaya", and other stops on the route (metro station "Sennaya" metro "Moskovskie Vorota").
Come to the airport by taxi. The easiest and most expensive way. The simplicity lies in the fact that in St. Petersburg, any taxi driver knows how to get to the airport. However, the cost of the trip will be vastly different from those 25-35 rubles, which should pay the fare in the bus or taxi. The taxi ride to the airport costs 400 RUB.
To get to Pulkovo by car.

The airport has paid Parking. You can also enjoy free unguarded Parking. The cost of Parking at the airport "Pulkovo-1" is 100 RUB./hour for 3 hours. Every subsequent 2 hours will be assessed 100 rubles. the Cost of daily Parking is 700 rubles To 15 minutes you can leave the car for free. In the terminal "Pulkovo-2" for 1 hour of Parking will have to pay 100 rubles.