A forklift is a vehicle, which is not comparable with any other car or truck. A forklift requires special skills of managing, handling, enforcement of safety measures. For this reason, to control the loader enough the normal driving licence of any category. In order to have the right to drive a forklift, must obtain a certificate of the corresponding sample, which will confirm the fact that you have the necessary qualifications.
The right to a forklift according to the classification belong to the category of the rights of the tractor operator. To get the right to drive forklift, must undergo training on driving a forklift. In the process of learning who wish to get a lawon the truck to learn as much about the rules of handling and the device of the loader, to study the characteristics of the work trucks in an open area and indoors. In addition, if you have no driving licence of any category, you get acquainted with the rules of the road.
To drive the forklift only after reaching 18 years of age. After undergoing specialized driving courses for working on the truck, to take an examination in Gostekhnadzor. Upon successful completion of training and exam, you get the right loader, and a certain category of driving on the truck.
The category is assigned depending on the capacity of the forklift, work on which you can exercise and also its technical specifications. Naturally, the higher the discharge is, the wider the list of vehicles in this category that you have the right to work, the more popular you will be on the labour market.
The resulting certificate will be valid for 10 years, after which you will need to undergo training and to change identity in new.