You will need
  • -passport;
  • -a certificate of registration;
  • -medical certificate;
  • -the document confirming passage of training in the driving school;
  • photo 3*4;
  • receipt of tuition fees.
In order to get a permit to study driving and subsequently issued a driver's license category "C" requires that you are 18 years of age.
Then you need to choose the right driving school and to give back the documents to enroll in courses.
To be trained in a specially designed program that includes both theoretical (the study of the rules of the road) and practical (driving instructor) classes for a certain time. Each driving school has its own individual period of study. The average is 2-3 months.
After training you must pass the exam (first internal, which was adopted at the driving school, and then in the traffic police). For admission to the exam you will need to provide the documents.
The exam consists of two stages: a written test on PC and a practical task of driving a car. In that case, if you have not passed the first stage, the practical assignment you will not be allowed. Retaking usually appointed not earlier than in a week.
If from a theoretical and practical task, you pass, you will appoint the day of issue of a driving license category "C".