In accordance with the current legislation in order to apply for the position of a bailiff, you must be at least 20 years, you should have higher education and have no criminal record.
Before you will be able to get a job as a court bailiff, you must complete unpaid internship for 2 weeks. To do this, visit the head Department of the Federal bailiff service in your city and write a statement for internship.
With a need to have the following documents:
- photocopy of passport,
- a completed application form,
- a work book
- documents on education,
- military ID
- application for verification of criminal record (including relatives),
- application for participation in the competition.
After the internship you can apply and the application for the vacant post of bailiff. For this you will need to gather the following documents:
- statement of employment
- matte pictures no area of the format 3.5x4.5 – 3 pieces,
- copy of birth certificate,
- photocopy of birth certificate of children (if any),
- photocopy of marriage certificate or divorce papers (if applicable),
- medical certificate of fitness for the civil service,
- certificates of neuropsychiatric and narcological dispensary
- recommendations from internship supervisors,
help 2NDFL (when available)
- pension certificate
- medical insurance
the information about available awards (when available)
- official regulations.
Wait for the invitation to the competition. The competition runs in two stages. The first phase of testing, whose main goal is to test your intellectual abilities. The second stage is personal interview. The interview is conducted the competitive Commission consisting of 12 people. You will be asked questions about your goals, the motivation to enter public service, will test your psychological stability, knowledge of legislation requirements for bailiffs.
If your competition is successful, you can appoint a bailiff or put in the talent pool.