In the age of modern technology "Wait for me", like other popular programs, started his own website. It is possible to find the heading "letters", "people Search, ""Find me", "Looking for you". All rubrics are freely available, and you can write a letter to one of them. By the way, before or after you send the letter in the right column, check maybe somebody is looking for you?
If for some reason you are not able to send an email request via the Internet, you can send an ordinary letter to the address: 127000, Moscow, Akademika Koroleva, D. 12.The envelope must be your photo, a letter, which will be a detailed story about you and the person you are looking for. Do not forget to specify the circumstances under which you lost with the person as much information as possible that will help find him.
Unfortunately, mail does not always work as fast as we would like. Therefore the most reliable variant - to deliver the letter personally into the hands of program staff. This does not necessarily come in the area of Ostankino. At the Kazan station of Moscow there is a kiosk program "Wait for me", in which you will be able to deliver the letter to program staff.