Advice 1: How to find a job in 50 years

Ten years ago, to find highly paid work to those who are 50 years and more, was a problem: most employers demanded that the candidate for a particular position was not more than 35-40. Many still think that this rule continues to operate, and lose my chance to find a good job, stopping at more modest options. However, people 50 years and older there are many benefits to employment.
How to find a job in 50 years
This may seem surprising, but one of the main reasons why people over 50 can not find a job - this is the reason psychological. They are already resigned to the fact that high positions and career is not for them and unconsciously allow it to understand the employer at the interview. To avoid this from happening to you, don't think about your age during the job search. In the end, age is not the determining factor for candidates, besides being aged 50 years or older, you can be like "without five minutes the pensioner, and very active person.
When searching for jobs consider the advantages of their age. They have at least five:1. Experience. A lawyer will hire a solid company, a 25-year or 50-year-old? Most likely, the second. 2. Stability. Older employees are less likely to change jobs. 3. Lack of personal factors at work (small children, etc.).4. Motivation to ensure a decent old age. 5. Balanced character, ability to handle stress.
Of course, there are still employers that the above advantages do not see or give them less value than they should. So they were in no hurry to send your resume in the trash, do not specify the date of birth. This is not a detail that should definitely show it. Also, it is sufficient to indicate their place of work over the last ten years, not to mention the very first company and position.
The process of finding work for those "over fifty" is for people of other ages, send a resume to interested companies, do not forget about staffing agencies, ask friends. Except that it is necessary to pay special attention to the latter method, because the older people, as a rule, is very much of professional relationships, because to find work so faster and easier.
Remember that a good impression at the interview produces "man trouble": fit, support form, positive mood, friendly. It is very important for the candidates of older age, because some young leaders may worry that a candidate with older age will be difficult to work if he is excessively demanding, strict and so on.
How to find a job, if You are 45-50 years and more, and you're still full of strength and energy, and want to lead an active lifestyle? age to 45 or 50. Upon successful completion of the interview the employer may not be so critical of it. It should be remembered that each case is individual, and career development opportunities depend on skills, qualifications and salary level to which You are applying.
Useful advice
Him rather than the young specialist will take a leadership position. Tip: if you long time can't find jobs in private jobs, try to claim a leadership position. Not an accountant and Deputy accountant, not the seller, as administrator, etc. You will be surprised how to increase your chances! Today the situation has changed for the better: on the pages of Newspapers are increasingly jobs for applicants up to 45 and even 50 years. Although, of course, such limitations in hiring are illegal.

Advice 2: How to find work after 50 years

To lose your job in 50 years, you work hard. But if the conditions work on the former do not allow to spend more on her health, strength and time to find a new job at this age is difficult, but it really
The main thing - not to give up
Puzzling finding a new job. you must analyze their own capabilities and match them with the labour market.

The state of the labor market

And the state of the labor market to date is spontaneous in nature, despite numerous attempts by the state to systematize it. Thus, despite the different types of discrimination on gender and age criteria, employers find hundreds of plausible excuses that do not fall under state sanctions, to refuse to accept a job fifty-year-old woman.

As a rule, men in this age to find a job easier, especially the "no bad habits" and with the working specialty. Women with a working specialty, paradoxically, to find a job at this age is almost impossible. The reason lies in the absence of a planned economy, which in this case plays against the applicant.

The reasons for the low popularity of fifty applicants

Stereotypes in this case, there are in most cases of failure, when it comes to highly skilled professions. A fundamental change in technology in all fields mean and professional reorientation, which is not always for the older generation.

The average age of the employers does not exceed 35-40 years. Need older to submit to a younger age can cause embarrassment on both sides.

Pre-retirement age does not imply long-term cooperation: 5 years – not enough time to count on long-term cooperation.

Causes substantial, but not insurmountable, it all depends on the specific situation and individual qualities of the applicant and the employer.

Types of cooperation with the employer

If you want the benefits package, the best option is to appeal to the employment service. But it is unlikely that the existing jobs can ensure a high specialist. Although the listing will give the opportunity to preserve continuity of seniority in the status of unemployed and have at least some financial support.

As a rule, a woman of 50 years already has the necessary experience to get the pension, so that the benefits for her does not matter. This can be used as a priority when looking for work. If formal employment is to sign a contract, that is, to enter into civil law relations, the employer will be relieved of the need to pay personal income tax and contributions to the pension Fund and the FSS.

The third type of cooperation is more suitable for creative individuals and people who create things with their own hands. Here relationships are built on the principle of customer-contractor.

Realization of their capabilities

Before job search, you must decide what is expected from a new job. If funding is urgently required for the existence, it is advisable to concentrate on improving existing practical experience, it is possible to learn computer technology. The computer is no big deal, and if three-year-old child is able to distinguish between the Enter key and the delete, a specialist with higher education enough months of training to learn the necessary programs.

Need to learn how to write a good summary. The modern resume should not be about modesty all the talent, until the ability to brew multiple ways tea can create an attractive employer image of the applicant. Summary it is necessary to have not only in paper but also in electronic version to respond to jobs posted on Internet resources

If time is suffering, there is a reason to make a reality of their long-standing dream and to pursue hidden talents.

Advice 3: How to find the husband of the woman over fifty

If the lady is 50 years old, and she hasn't found a man for a happy cohabitation, she can drop his hands, as the age seems daunting. However, do not despair, as almost any situation you can find the exit.
How to find the husband of the woman over fifty

Don't turn into a homebody

If you want to find a suitable one for the life of a grown man, don't spend time with boring friends, who all evening pass for serials. When you log into their "community" most likely, you just grow old, turn into the same lady on old age pension. Remember that in order to find a man, you need to be not only interesting as a person, but also well-groomed. Do not run itself, and not while away evening at home. Sign up for dance lessons for the elderly, foreign language courses, and to the travelers. There will be a selection of gentlemen of your age.

Sociable people say that you can meet with someone after reaching the age of fifty will not be any problems. Only need to perform your character. If past experience is a heavy burden over the shoulders is a bad sign. Some people with age become more withdrawn, especially those who in his youth was problematic for a relationship. To overcome the barrier of shyness, one must be critical of yourself and understand that the problem exists, and then to fight it.

On the Internet it is better not to start Dating. But if sites with a large selection of suitors still seduce, use the three messages. That is, try to meet with someone immediately after several messages, otherwise you risk long chat with a gorgeous blond, and then out you come to a completely different type.

What prevents to find the husband of the woman of Mature age?

The main problem that prevents to meet a woman fifty years of age with the opposite sex – high male mortality in middle age, which lead to many bad habits and poor environment. Therefore, those who learned a foreign language, you can try to find happiness abroad.

There is a stereotype that says that men over fifty don't need their peers. But this is misleading, because in old age the lust and desire glamorous "hang out" already sidelined. No need to follow stereotypes. The elderly man important woman companion and her soul, so if you're an interesting lady, find a friend can be in 80 years. It is sufficient to recall the well-known all over the country marriage Pugacheva, Babkina and other pop stars. These comparisons are not always appropriate, but if you are in the society, for example, theatrical figures, actively involved in the work, you can find a friend with the same interests.
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