This may seem surprising, but one of the main reasons why people over 50 can not find a job - this is the reason psychological. They are already resigned to the fact that high positions and career is not for them and unconsciously allow it to understand the employer at the interview. To avoid this from happening to you, don't think about your age during the job search. In the end, age is not the determining factor for candidates, besides being aged 50 years or older, you can be like "without five minutes the pensioner, and very active person.
When searching for jobs consider the advantages of their age. They have at least five:1. Experience. A lawyer will hire a solid company, a 25-year or 50-year-old? Most likely, the second. 2. Stability. Older employees are less likely to change jobs. 3. Lack of personal factors at work (small children, etc.).4. Motivation to ensure a decent old age. 5. Balanced character, ability to handle stress.
Of course, there are still employers that the above advantages do not see or give them less value than they should. So they were in no hurry to send your resume in the trash, do not specify the date of birth. This is not a detail that should definitely show it. Also, it is sufficient to indicate their place of work over the last ten years, not to mention the very first company and position.
The process of finding work for those "over fifty" is for people of other ages, send a resume to interested companies, do not forget about staffing agencies, ask friends. Except that it is necessary to pay special attention to the latter method, because the older people, as a rule, is very much of professional relationships, because to find work so faster and easier.
Remember that a good impression at the interview produces "man trouble": fit, support form, positive mood, friendly. It is very important for the candidates of older age, because some young leaders may worry that a candidate with older age will be difficult to work if he is excessively demanding, strict and so on.