In Moscow there are lots of different jobs, but visitors are invariably faced with the decision of the question of accommodation. Housing in Moscow, as a rule, very expensive, and even the corner have to pay a considerable amount.

Jobs with accommodation

There is such a specialty, for which housing is provided to workers free of charge. This often happens when combining place of work with place of habitation. For example, the position of nurse often involves staying in the same apartment with the child. Rich families allocate her a separate room or place in the nursery.

When a person is aging, it is needed constant care. And his children and grandchildren are busy at work and cannot give him enough attention. In this case, they really will help the nurse with accommodation. A woman gets the job and housing simultaneously and the relatives of an elderly person in exchange for money will regain peace of mind.
An excellent option to combine a job with accommodation – a device for the position of housekeeper. This profession will allow you to exercise your talents in the field of cooking.

One such profession is a surrogate mother. Although the pay for this job is quite high, young parents prefer to provide housing for mothers expecting their child.

Among men's occupations also meet the specialty, the possession of which will help to find a job in Moscow with accommodation provided. This, for example, workers of construction crews on repair of apartments. Visitors from abroad often go to work as janitors because of the provision of the Lodge room.

On the Internet you can find plenty of vacancies with the provision of housing for workers. Among them are electricians, fitters, mechanics, fitters, storekeepers, porters, and other specialties.

How to find a job with housing

Job search with the provision of housing can operate as search for any other work on the network. This will require skills of working with search engines and, ideally, placing your own resume on the sites for employment. The most famous of them is and

In your summary will need to include your phone number and e-mail Inbox. To get it for free on many portals, for example,
If you have no experience of searches and email, you can go to Internet cafes and to seek help from a counselor.

To find a job in Moscow with accommodation without using the world wide web, you can post up flyers around town. Think about the text. It must contain the title of the position for which you are applying, and why you qualify for the position. For example, "a nurse looking for a job with accommodation, and extensive experience in medical education."

Be careful. Do not throw on the questionable jobs that contain sentences with implausible high pay for light work. Try to objectively assess the correlation of wages and expected labor costs.