Certification is a form of confirmation of conformity of object to requirements of technical regulations and provisions of standards, which is carried out by the certification body.
To start, determine whether the law requires certification of the product. Do it according to the Nomenclature of products subject to mandatory certification or Declaration of conformity. It contains "the List of goods subject to mandatory certification", "List of products subject to mandatory Declaration of conformity", "the List of products that require obtaining sanitary-epidemiological conclusions".
To obtain this document, you must perform several steps.
Visit the certification and get advice on application. Then, in accordance with the received instruction will apply.
Complete technical documentation for the certified products. In the certification in addition to the application provide a sample of products and well-prepared technical documentation. Then pay for the certification. The first stage is passed.
In the second stage, the certification body will consider your application. No later than two weeks, the certification body will inform you of its decision on the procedure for certification and its conditions. Then, a selection of product samples to identify it.
Thereafter, the products pass the laboratory test, the laboratory will issue a test report.
Next, the most enjoyable stage. The certification body decides on issuing a certificate or deny certification). In the case of a positive result, the certification body draws up a certificate and submits it to the state register of the certification System GOST of Russian Federation.