Decide the concept of your certificate. The best option – the indefinite action, the admission in all the branches, split the amount on multiple purchases. If you impose any limitations on the validity of the certificate, it will only create problems for the user of the product or service. Get that holiday feeling lasted with a certificate.
Design and select media. You can do certificates of plastic (card size), providing them with a magnetic strip. This option will cost the most expensive, would require additional equipment, however you can use it many times. Paper certificate provides a great space for design - you can even make a three-dimensional design or to implement it in the form of greeting cards.
For the production of the certificate, you can enlist the help of advertising agencies, and use one of the free programs such as Microsoft Office Publisher. But in this case, you must address the issue of protection against counterfeiting. At least use the seal of the organization.
Develop a layout. A gift certificate will allow you to show design. In addition, you must specify the amount the company logo. Complete the certificate envelope, or a festive card with space for wishes.
Implement certificate serial numbers during the sales register them in a separate file. So you are better able to control the process of cashing out certificates. Certificate and attach a check, and summary information on the terms of use.
Sign a contract with the company or Internet portal engaged in the sale of the certificates. So you will be able to expand their target audience.