EAC (Eurasian Conformity", "Eurasian conformity") is a unified sign of circulation of goods, which shows that the product has passed and meets all adopted technical regulations on the territory of the EurAsEC Customs Union. It entered into force in 2013 and was designed by Russian designer Maxim Tenths.

The sign has two kinds: black letters on white background and Vice versa. This is done to ensure that the EAC was seen on the cover with any color palette. The entire sign has a square shape where the height of one letter is equal to the width of all three characters. Therefore, they are made with the use of right angles.

The size and placement of the sign is determined by the manufacturer or supplier who acquired the right to put "EAC" in the product. The only requirement is that the sign must be at least 25 sq mm and should be easily recognizable and distinguishable from the rest of the object.

What else could mean "EAS"?

The abbreviation "EAS" has several meanings.

The first of them – Exact Audio Copy – a popular program for CD ripping, i.e. for fetching information from the media in any file.

Also "EAC" means:

  • European Advisory Commission on elaboration of joint decisions of the members of the coalition);
  • The East African community, an intergovernmental organization that includes Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda).